SpaceAcre Share New Single ‘Say’

British duo SpaceAcre, consisting of Phoebe Little and Jas Scott, share their brand new single Say, a haunting alt-pop song out now via WTW Music Ltd. 
Taken from their new EP That Girl, which is out today, Say is a devastating and haunting song heavy with themes of loss and grief that is guaranteed to give you the feels in no time. I am loving the evocative and emotionally-charged vocal delivery and how it soars effortlessly over the stunning production. Backing those lush vocals, we have stripped back guitar loops that are seamlessly joined with steady drums slowly build to a richly textured orchestral soundscape. I am simply in love with this song and I think you will too. 
Its accompanying music video, directed by Georgie Staight, featuring Jas’s identical twin sister Sarai Scott Neale, who is a professional dancer, along with her dance partner David Wallis. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, SpaceAcre said, 
‘Say’ is about the aftermath of losing a close friend very suddenly and unexpectedly. The song was triggered by a dream that Jas had, a few years after losing her best friend, Jamie. She saw his face in great detail like he was standing there right in front of her. That meeting felt like a gift from her subconscious. Our memories retain the essence of who someone was and what they mean to us, while the details can ebb away. The song, like grief, is a yearning to reach that person or somehow be able to follow them.