Sophia Petro Shares New Single ‘Rosé Glow’

Rising Australian pop artist, Sophia Petro releases her eagerly awaited single Rosé Glow, a captivating indie-pop song. 
I am really enjoying her dulcet vocals and how they infuse the song with a touch of passion, vulnerability and emotion that instantly captured my attention to her relatable storytelling. A song about the joy and anticipation of a night out, Rosé Glow encapsulates those fleeting moments when the "rosé glow" casts an enchanting spell, blurring the lines between reality and possibility. Backing her lovely vocals we have a vibrant production (by Gabrielle Emery), that pairs infectious guitar licks with steady rhythms that together create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Sophia states, 
Gabrielle put down a vibe (the iconic guitar lick at the beginning of the track) and I pulled up my notes app on my phone and started writing down lyric ideas. We wrote up until the end of the first chorus and then I took it home and wrote the remainder of the song that very night because I was so inspired!