Paige Valentine Shares New Single ‘Cloud Dancing’

Australian singer and songwriter Paige Valentine shares her brand new single Cloud Dancing, her first release in three years, out now via Nettwerk. 
Written around the time that one her closest young friends was in the last stages of her life, Cloud Dancing finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her lovely vocals atop a captivating indie/electro-pop production. This is a song about one of her closest friends, who was in the last stages of her life, that asked Paige to write a song for her before she passed but Paige was too full of words and emotions to even try. This personal, heartfelt song is wrapped around a warm and dreamy production that features killer percussive elements seamlessly paired with lush atmospherics and synths. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Paige Valentine said, 
She loved swimming so much, living across the road from one of the most beautiful beaches in Western Australia…When she found out she couldn’t swim anymore it absolutely crushed her. She asked me to swim every day for her. We knew she had a few months left. So rain, hail and shine I drove to the nearest beach daily. Often it was beautiful, but some days I had to laugh as I was trotting down into the freezing cold Southern Ocean cursing her name that she wanted me to swim. It turned out to be the best therapy and it was a way I could connect with her from afar. When I returned home after her funeral, I didn’t want to go to the beach, I didn’t want it to be real…After some time, I felt I should return to the beach. I was ready. When I walked over the hill to get to the ocean, I saw something I’d never seen before. From the furthest corner of the sky to the other, one amazing beautiful cloud, with all the lights running through it, it took up the entire sky like a blanket. When I went to the sea I looked up from the water and it was just the most incredible sight. I felt so held by the water and the sky. I thought to myself, I bet she’s dancing up there. Cloud Dancing.