Olive Louise Shares New Single ‘Swallow the Ocean’

New York-based singer and songwriter Olive Louise has just shared her brand new single Swallow the Ocean, a haunting and dreamy piece of indie-pop music. 
A raw and autobiographical account of fear that she experienced entering a new relationship, Swallow the Ocean depicts how Olive tends to self-sabotage the relationship by pushing the other person away as she feared they would decide to leave her. This is a very relatable topic as sometimes we tend to let fear get the best of us, not allowing us to fully experience things. A message flawlessly delivered through her lush, dreamy vocals and ethereal harmonies that soar beautifully over memorable melodies that features expansive synths and steady percussive elements which together create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!


 Speaking about the song, Olive Louise said, 

Almost immediately after getting into a relationship I started to push the person away because I was scared that if they decided to leave me one day, I would essentially be emotionally destroyed and never get over them. Deep down it’s about fear getting the better of me. The odd thing is, that feeling of falling in love, it’s addicting, but when I found myself actually in it it felt like danger.