Majeska Shares New Single ‘Please Wait, Saving...’

American singer and songwriter Majeska shares her brand new single Please Wait, Saving..., an emotional and dramatic piece of electro-pop music. 
I am really enjoying the tone of Majeska's vocals which are both vulnerable and powerful at the same time, effortlessly capturing our attention to her relatable storytelling. I am very fond of the way the song starts with a softly cutting vocal and grows into an electronic climax. Apart from her vocals, I am particularly fond of the lush, cinematic strings and synths seamlessly paired with rolling percussive elements and delicate piano chords. 
Its accompanying music video, directed by Talia Stewart, finds the talented artist on display in a glass box—performing & playing into bystanders’ need to capture the moment rather than being present for it, eventually becoming lifeless inside the box herself. Check it out below!