Loryn Taggart Shares New Single ‘Tell Me How’

Canadian Folk Music Award nominee Loryn Taggart shares her brand new single Tell Me How, the fourth single to be lifted from her forthcoming debut album. 
Out now via baselineMUSIC, Tell Me How is Loryn Taggart's most personal track to date as it finds her singing about the grief, shock and pain of losing a parent. Loryn was about to be engaged, starting university and had just moved to a new city when her dad unexpectedly passed away. This song is intended to guide the listener in coming to terms with unresolved feelings and through a healing journey. I am loving her rich, soothing vocals which are packed with soul, gliding beautifully over the captivating production that features lush piano & organ chords, dreamy harmonies, steady drum patterns and memorable brass elements. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Loryn said, 
Tell Me How is written from the feeling of wanting to climb to the top of a mountain and scream about all the unfair things in life, like losing a parent before the age of 30. The cathartic unfairness and loss, and all of the love that I still have that has nowhere to go. It’s a lot of questioning about how to move on with my life. I wanted the song to be something to groove to, something to feel.