Kacia Shares New Single ‘Night Out’

British singer and songwriter Kacia shares his brand new single Night Out, the second single to be taken from his upcoming debut album. 
Out now via Salt House Records, Night Out is a profound reflection on the human experience and the resilience that emerges when confronting life's most formidable challenges. I am really enjoying how natural and effortless Kacia's storytelling is, beautifully capturing our attention and taking us on a journey of introspection and self-discovery. His vocals are very captivating and packed with emotion, gliding perfectly over the infectious alt-pop production. I am particularly fond of the lush piano chords and how they are seamlessly paired with cool electronics and catchy rhythms that together create an overall warm, reflective atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day home alone with our thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Kacia said, 
It was the first time I approached songwriting with unreserved honesty. The lyrics flowed effortlessly, almost like a stream of consciousness. Initially, the song began as an emotional outlet, but I soon realized that wasn't the direction I wanted to take. Instead, it evolved into a compelling piece about striving for optimism in the midst of the darkest moments. It acknowledges a fleeting instant rather than dwelling on the direct pain.