HARBER Shares New Single ‘Medicine’ feat. Sydtherockerkid

Billboard-charting breakout DJ & producer HARBER makes his return with an explosive new single, Medicine featuring talented LA-based singer & songwriter Sydtherockerkid. This infectious dance-pop anthem marks HARBER’s signing & debut single with prominent label imprint Lowly. 
What I like the most about this song is its high-energy and how it instantly got me in a good mood and dancing. I am absolutely in LOVE with Sydtherockerkid's powerhouse vocals which are packed with so much passion and emotion that is guaranteed to give you the feels in no time. Apart from her stunning vocal performance, I am particularly fond of the elevating melodic piano house chords which are seamlessly paired with a contagious bassline, groovy riffs, addictive hook, and a hands-in-the-air-style drop that together create an anthemic and euphoric atmosphere perfect for summer festivals to come. Have a listen to this gem and dance!



Speaking about the song, HARBER said, 
 This song kicks off a new era of HARBER. I really wanted to lean into the euphoric feeling I felt when I first started listening to dance music. The type of song that makes you wanna throw your hands in the air and sing. I had a chance to test the record out live at my last show, and the crowd reaction was even better than we could have expected!