Deidre & the Dark x Violet Sands Share New Single ‘Desert Rental Home’

Brooklyn based Violet Sands, made up of long-time collaborators Deidre Muro, Derek Muro, and David Perlick-Molinari (French Horn Rebellion), and Deidre & the Dark, the solo project of Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Deidre Muro, share their stunning new collaboration Desert Rental Home! 
Out now via Sunken Living Room, Desert Rental Home is a dreamy indie pop gem with lush, ethereal-like vocals and harmonies floating effortlessly atop a captivating production. This was the only song Deidre was able to write during the pandemic lockdown in 2020, capturing the feelings she was going through such a difficult period in our lives. Apart from her gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the intimate moments of acoustic guitar and how the song slowly builds into a grandiose fantasy, soaring and sparkling, while a lurching synth bass hints at the uneasy nature of an escapist dream. This is one of those songs perfect for a laid-back weekend soaking up some sunshine. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Deidre said, 
During months of quarantine, this was the one song that managed to come out of me. I was feeling very isolated at home with my 1 year-old son while David, my husband, kept our business afloat, working out of a makeshift bedroom studio, for most of the hours of most of the days. Delusion starts creeping in when you’re unsure how long this will be reality.