Blaikz x David Emde x maloww. Share New Single ‘Follow You’

Germany based producers Blaikz and David Emde team up with French artist maloww. to deliver Follow You, a high-energy, feel-good piece of Melodic Techno & House music out now via Viventas Music. 
I am loving the blissful and euphoric atmosphere of this song which instantly made me want to get up, close my eyes and surrender to its hypnotic groove. maloww.'s vocals beautifully infuse a touch of emotion to the song while also making it perfect to sing along to while dancing. Apart from the vocals, I am particularly fond of the lush, emotive piano chords and how they are seamlessly paired with expansive synths and energetic percussive elements that together create an upbeat, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a late night drive and upcoming summer festival season. Check it out below!