Andon Shares New Single ‘Love Language (No Space)’

Jamaican pop singer-songwriter Andon shares his brand new single Love Language (No Space), a smooth and sensual R&B cut out now via Artekal. 
I am really enjoying his luscious, soulful vocals which beautifully draw the listener's attention to his relatable storytelling. Love Language (No Space) is a song that finds Andon expressing the desire to be seen and accepted fully in a relationship—not just appreciated for his talents, but supported through his shortcomings, too. This message is backed by a cozy, flowing roll of guitar and percussion that together create a warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect for bedroom sessions.

Directed by Andon's long-time collaborator Steven Bernard, the Love Language (No Space) music video brings the emotional journey to life. Stylized with lo-fi filters and saturated colors, the video follows Andon through the ups and downs of his search for someone to accept him fully.