W/FRNDS Shares New Single ‘DNCE W/ME’

W/FRNDS, the pseudonym of Canadian genre-blending DJ/producer Matt McCartney, shares his brand new single DNCE W/ME, a captivating piece of electro-pop music. 
Out now via R&R Records, DNCE W/ME finds the talented artist teaming up with songstress Lauryn Macfarlane, whose lush, sultry vocals are packed with confidence and attitude that instantly makes the song stand out even more. The song has a carefree, feel-good atmosphere perfect for the listeners to lose themselves in and forget about everything else going on in the world. The way Lauryn's vocals flow are quite addictive and they are nicely backed by killer guitar plucks seamlessly intertwined with lush atmospherics, cool rhythms and a killer bass that together make this song perfect for those moments when you want to get in a good mood and dance the pain away. Check it out below!