Prettyboytheartist Shares New Single ‘Wonderland of Love’

American singer and songwriter Prettyboytheartist is back with yet another gem called Wonderland of Love, an infectious blend of afrobeats, afro-pop and contemporary r&b. 
What I like the most about this song is his rich, soulful vocals which are so powerful and packed with emotion that effortlessly connects the listeners to his storytelling. This enchanting composition serves as an anthem for those who have embarked on a journey to find their personal haven of love and solace. Wonderland of Love delves into the profound human desire to discover a place of respite and assurance, where one can seek refuge during times of vulnerability and seek solace in the face of adversity. This message is flawlessly conveyed through his gorgeous vocals that are backed mesmerising melodies and an evocative chorus that will get stuck to your head in no time. Wonderland of Love is an uplifting piece of music that is perfect to brighten up your day in no time. Check it out below!