Ned Moss Shares New Single ‘Chapters’

London-based guitarist, singer and songwriter Ned Moss has just shared his brand new single Chapters, a lovely, intimate piece of singer-songwriter/folk music. 
A song about being in a relationship and embracing the good with the bad, being aware that all things come to an end, Chapters finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing his smooth, expressive vocals which effortlessly infuse the song with a memorable dose of vulnerability and emotion. Backing his vocals we have a captivating production that features lush acoustic-guitar melodies that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Ned Moss said,
Chapters is a song and story that really poured out onto the page one afternoon. It tells the story of a relationship in a way everyone can find their own depiction and meaning in. Embracing the good with the bad and knowing that all things come to an end whether thats the end of their chapter together or the end of their story, life. I hold this song so close to my heart so letting it out into the world is incredibly exciting and nerve racking all at once!