My Sister, My Brother Share New Single ‘My Sister, My Brother’

American duo My Sister, My Brother, consisting of artists Garrison Starr and Sean McConnell, share their eponymous single My Sister, My Brother, a captivating folk song out now via 333 Entertainment. 
I am really enjoying how beautifully their vocals fit together, both packed with raw, honest emotion and soul, instantly connecting us with their storytelling. My Sister, My Brother shares a hopeful message which is beautifully wrapped around intricate guitar riffs seamlessly paired with steady drum patterns and a captivating harmonica that together create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for a laid-back summer's weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Garrison Starr said, 
‘My Sister, My Brother’ is one of two songs written remotely during Covid. At that time, everybody was writing songs about togetherness and missing each other. Being together. The confusion and isolation, we were all experiencing at the time…’My Sister, My Brother’ was there staring right at us. The song didn’t take long to write; it was one of those that just fell out like it was waiting to be said. The message is so hopeful and accepting at the same time. It has an easy way about it.