Limón Limón & Poulish Kid Share New Single ‘CALL NOW BUY NOW’

Los Angeles-based Future Indie duo Limón Limón, consisting of Jason (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) and Rand (Keys, Synths, Drums), team up with German hitmaker Poulish Kid to deliver their new single CALL NOW BUY NOW, a confident piece of pop rock-infused indietronica music. 
Out now via Certified Citric, CALL NOW BUY NOW oozes so much energy and confidence, instantly getting me hyped up for a fun day out. What I like the most about the song is its crunchy electric guitars and how infectious its melodies are. Jason's vocals sound amazing here, beautifully capturing our attention to their story about society's endless thirst for material objects. This cheeky indictment of western consumer culture is wrapped around an upbeat production that pairs those lush guitars with a driving, distorted bassline and cool electronics that together create an overall fun and memorable listening experience. Check it out below!