Justine Blanchet Shares New Single ‘Cheap Sunglasses’

Canadian singer and songwriter Justine Blanchet has just shared her brand new single Cheap Sunglasses, the latest single to be taken from her debut EP, Don't Ask Me to Dance, which is out now.
Written about a heartbreak so painful that you wear the cheap sunglasses of superficial dating rather than choose something real, Cheap Sunglasses finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her rich, expressive vocals over a captivating country-pop production. I am really fond of the sun-soaked guitar strums and how they are seamlessly paired with steady drum patterns and rhythms that together create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a long ride during a hot summer's day. Have a listen to this gem below!


 Justine Blanchet says, 

The song is about going through a heartbreak so painful that you decide to give up on real connections. Instead of pursuing something meaningful, you wear cheap sunglasses – a metaphor for superficial relationships that only mask the pain.