House of Asha Shares New Single ‘Honey Bird’

American artist House of Asha shared her new single Honey Bird, a smooth, story-driven breakup song taken from her album Behind Closed Doors, out now! 
I am really enjoying her rich, powerful vocals which are packed with raw emotion, beautifully capturing our attention to her personal and relatable storytelling. Honey Bird is a song about being in a relationship when you realise things aren't working out as one part is too invested in their work, struggling to find time for the relationship. Eventually it is best to let go and move on. A song wrapped around a captivating pop production with a steady beat seamlessly paired with lush guitar lines, haunting harmonies and rhythms that together create an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, House of Asha said, 
This is a song I wrote about my ex who I loved but who was often struggling to find time for us between his entrepreneurial ambitions. The song starts with the rose colored glasses on and everything being great, to getting comfortable and fighting, to the pain of why this is not working, to all the back and forth you go through when you know you are letting go, to finally letting go.