FLEUR ROUGE Shares New Single ‘Trust Fund Baby’

London-born French-raised future-pop artist, FLEUR ROUGE shares her brand new single Trust Fund Baby, a confidence-packed piece of electro-pop music. 
I am really enjoying her sultry, confident vocal delivery which instantly captured my attention to her storytelling. The first single to be taken from FLEUR’s upcoming four track EP, Trust Fund Baby has more of a sugary atmosphere in comparison to her previous work, which was characterised by gritty beats and intense melodies. This infectious piece of music explores FLEUR'S life growing up alongside more privileged people and the social status that comes with the advantages of wealth. This storytelling is wrapped around a fun, head-bopping electro-pop production with cool rhythms, soaring guitars and a catchy beat that together create an overall warm, confident atmosphere. Check it out below!