Emilia Tarrant Shares New Single ‘Worst Boyfriend Award’

British singer and songwriter Emilia Tarrant has just shared her brand new single Worst Boyfriend Award, an upbeat pop song out now via Summer Freckle Records. 
Worst Boyfriend Award finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her gorgeous vocals and storyteller over her signature effervescent sound and the end result is a memorable and enthralling listening experience. I am very fond of the guitars throughout the song and how they are effortlessly paired with lush synths and percussive elements that have quite a vintage vibe to it, perfectly fitting in a 80s coming-of-age movie soundtrack. Worst Boyfriend Award finds Emilia capturing the frustrations of watching your girl-friend waste her time on someone who doesn’t deserve her, a relatable storytelling wrapped around an infectious production and enhanced by a striking music video, directed by Tom Knibbs, that see’s Tarrant participate as both the protagonist and the by-stander as she narrates her frustrating stand-point. Check it out below!



In her own words, she explains; 
Tom Knibbs (director) and I wanted to create a video that was a direct visual for the song, using the lyrics to guide our ideas. I loved playing the 3rd person perspective on the relationship. When planning the video I remember saying I wanted to have fairy godmother vibes, but with a lot of attitude. Having actors play a couple in my video for the first time was so cool too! We created a number of different scenes that portrayed the emotion of the girl in the relationship, alongside the repetition of the guys' ‘flaws’. This repetition was all a build up to the dramatic end scene where we see her go mental and start trashing the room. I love the metaphoric side to this as right at the end, the room cuts back to how it was before, and we find out that it was just all in her head. Everything about this video perfectly captures the story behind the song and I’m so proud of how it turned out.