Dania O. Tausen Shares New Single ‘kann eg hava armin soleiðis her’

Faroese singer-songwriter Dania O. Tausen shares her brand new single kann eg hava armin soleiðis her? (can I have my arm like this?), an enchanting piece of indie/alt-pop music. 
kann eg hava armin soleiðis her? is the first single taken from her upcoming double 13-track album ja/nei og restin av vikuni (yes/no – and the rest of the week), which is set to be released in two parts, in July 21st (ja) and October 12th (nei), via Tutl Records. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and how smooth and soothing her vocals are, beautifully creating a comforting atmosphere. This is a song about the beginning of something bigger, to be open to start a new journey with someone new. Backing her gorgeous vocals we have a memorable guitar-based melody that is seamlessly paired with a steady beat and lush rhythms that together create an overall warm atmosphere that oozes laid-back summer vibes. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Dania said, 
You may have asked someone this question at some point in your life. Maybe on a crowded aeroplane, in a small car or on a tiny sofa. Sometimes there’s just not enough space for our arms! Where do we put them?. Can I have my arm like this? said by the right person, can be a very sweet sound.