Courtney Wolfe Shares New Single ‘Can You See Me?’

Canadian singer and songwriter shifts from her airy pop sound to an edgy, pop-punk soundscape with her brand new single Can You See Me?
Written at a time when Wolfe was feeling exhausted from the time spent calling out to someone, who simply wouldn’t acknowledge her, Can You See Me? finds the talented artist pouring her heart and soul with passionate, confident vocals gliding over soaring guitars and punchy drums. We can feel the pent up emotions and angst pouring from her vocals which are enhanced by the energetic and punchy pop-punk production with hints of metal. The song is packed with energy and confidence, with an anthemic atmosphere perfect to sing out loud. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Courtney Wolfe said, 
It is one of my proudest achievements in my musical career, because it felt like the song I have been wanting to write my whole life, but I never knew I had it in me. I am so excited to share it with listeners who are fed up with something going on in their life, and hope they’re able to connect in a cathartic way as well.