Chris Tall Shares New Single ‘Lighs On Fire’

Swedish Nu-Disco producer Chris Tall is back with his brand new single Lights On Fire, a blissful blend of Nu-Disco and EDM out now via Galactic Records. 
I am really enjoying the lush vocal topline and how it infuses the song with a touch of soul and sensuality perfect for those hot summer nights. Apart from the vocals, I am particularly fond of the groovy rhythms and infectious blend of retro french pop, house, disco and edm elements that together create a blissfull, feel-good atmosphere. I am loving the expansive synths seamlessly paired with the soaring guitar riffs, cool vocoders that remind me of Daft Punk and especially the song's euphoric vibes that make this a guaranteed summer hit. 
Its accompanying animated music video is a retro 8-bit nintendo style pixelated story about a girl dreaming of becoming an astronaut, produced by Arthur Izakowicz.