Chris Noah Shares New Single ‘Take A Minute’

Latvian singer and songwriter Chris Noah has just shared his brand new single Take A Minute, an upbeat, sun-soaked song out now via Sony Music Finland. 
I am a fan of Chris Noah's smooth, expressive vocals which are packed with soul and confidence, gliding beautifully over the infectious indie-pop production. Produced by Kristofer Harris (Bears Den, Belle and Sebastian, etc) and Nathanael Graham (Boy Bleach, Stereophonics), Take A Minute is an immediate indie-pop track laced with synth textures and vocal hooks, neatly arranged to showcase Noah’s writing and vocal abilities. Apart from his vocals, I am particularly fond of the killer bass guitars, steady drums, highly addictive chorus perfect to sing along to and how the song oozes carefree summer vibes. Have a listen to this summer-ready jam below!



Speaking about the song, Chris Noah said, 
Take a Minute explores the idea of existing in the current culture - one full of distractions and posturing, with the internet, making almost anything and everything easily accessible (including people’s daily lives). This often leads to indecisiveness and stalling, because we have so many options and unrealistic examples, or aspirations. Nevertheless, the storyline remains positive and light, there's no heartbreak. The modern way of saying, “I love you” is, “I might like you”. So the song follows this train of thought.