Caroline Romano Shares New Single ‘This House’

Nashville-based alt-pop powerhouse Caroline Romano is back with her brand new single This House, a heart-wrenching pop gem. 
Taken from her upcoming EP, A Brief Epic, which is set to arrive on July 28th, This House finds the talented artist flawlessly showcasing her stunning vocals and storytelling abilities which are enhanced by a polished alt-pop production. I am loving the tone of her voice and how it is packed with raw emotion and soul, instantly connecting the listeners to her storytelling. The song addresses the pain that comes from wanting someone to notice you in a certain way but never managing to get their attention, making you feel like you don't have quite enough to win them over. This heart-wrenching tale is backed by lush guitar lines seamlessly paired with warm rhythms and percussive elements that together create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a reflective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Caroline elaborates, 
‘This House’ is about the self-inflicted bruises that come with trying to make something work that inevitably never will. It’s about so desperately wanting that person to look at you a certain way, but always feeling like they see right through you. It’s painting the walls just to have them draw all over it, and building a house just for them burn. I guess it’s not really about unrequited love, but about just not having quite enough of it.