Blitz Union Share New Single ‘Freak Anthem’

Czech EDM rock quartet Blitz Union share their electrifying and thought-provoking new single Freak Anthem. 
Out now via Dreamstar Music, Freak Anthem is a song that encourages listeners to embrace their true selves, even if they perceive themselves as unconventional. It's a song about embracing our choices and celebrate our uniqueness. This empowering message is wrapped around a high-energy blend of Rock and EDM elements that instantly got me in a good mood and hyped up for a fun weekend. I am really enjoying the confident vocal delivery and how it soars beautifully over the soaring guitars, bright synths and punchy drum patterns. 
Its accompanying music video, directed by Michal Skořepa, features each band member representing a different "freak" archetype, further accentuating the song's empowering message. Check it out below!



Lead singer Mark Blitz passionately expresses, 
In our own way, we are all essentially freaks. And we want to invite our fans to join the Blitz Union Movement.