Billy Cullum Shares New Single ‘So Bright’

London-based singer and songwriter Billy Cullum shares his new single So Bright, the final track on his upcoming album, Whatever Happened Next, set to arrive this Friday. 
 What I like the most about this song is its dreamy and soothing atmosphere and how it sounds perfect for a laid-back day home alone with my thoughts. I adore his vocals, packed with emotion and soul and gliding effortlessly over the captivating production. So Bright is a song for anyone who has loved and lost, a relatable message wrapped around intricate acoustic guitar plucks, emotive piano keys and steady drum patterns that together create an overall warm, somewhat melancholic, atmosphere perfect for a reflective day at home. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the song, Billy Cullum said, 
It was written about someone I love, who is no longer with us but who’s light, I still feel guiding me. It’s a song for anyone who has loved and lost. It also touches on seeking the true self. As a Queer artist I believe passionately in the importance of authenticity and this song is a reminder to all to keep shining so brightly.