Thomas Cole teams up with Electropoint once again for the release of their new pop single, 'Up In Smoke', and it's an absolute banger. This track is a captivating blend of pop and dance, with various subtle electronic elements emerging throughout. The single explores the theme of facing temptation and staying true to oneself.

Cole's vocals are absolutely electrifying in this song, showcasing his immense talent and passion. He delivers a performance filled with zeal and intensity, leaving a lasting impression on us. The chorus is infectious, with its catchy melody lingering in the mind long after the song concludes. It's one of those tunes that will have you humming along involuntarily.

Accompanying the release is the official music video, which features model Rudy Bundini. The video adds an extra layer of visual appeal to the song, enhancing the overall experience for the viewers. It's a well-crafted visual representation that complements the energy and vibe of the track.

You can listen below.