T. R. Burge Shares New Single ‘Selling You’

Manchester-based singer-songwriter T.R. Burge has just shared his brand new single Selling You, the title track of his upcoming EP which is set to arrive on July 21st! 
I am loving the song's tranquil and melancholic vibes which are effortlessly enhanced by his sweet, passionate voice which is packed with raw, honest emotion. You can feel the sadness pouring from his delivery and how it is beautifully backed by a captivating acoustic guitar seamlessly paired with steady drum beat and lush rhythms that create an overall warm, intimate and melancholic atmosphere perfect for a reflective day home alone.

Speaking about the track, he said,
Selling you is a song that was inspired by a particular experience whilst playing in a punk ethos band in Leeds, we had a permanent practice room above a bar in the city centre, this room was covered in cobwebs and had an old stage at one end of it, there was also a secret meeting room where the national front had met up in the 80s, it had a strange vibe, we also played in the bar downstairs at weekends, there was both light and dark experiences during that time.

While adding about the new video,
The video for Selling You was shot on location in Berlin, the emotional sentiment of the song felt very appropriate for Berlin and it’s a place where I have spent a great deal of time in the last years. The narrative in the video represents the underlying story which inspired the song. The director Emily Jade Hagan, did a great job, she lives in Berlin but is from Manchester and has done videos for band Members of New Order and Johnny Marr amongst other things.