Starpainter Shares New Single ‘Summer in Your Mouth’

Lethbridge, Alberta folk-rock band Starpainter share their new single Summer in Your Mouth, the second single from their forthcoming full-length titled Rattlesnake Dream, to be released on June 2nd via New Moon Records. 
A self-produced and home-recorded track, Summer in Your Mouth is a song of longing, reflection and nostalgia, a message beautifully conveyed by Joel Stretch's smooth, expressive vocals. This meaningful gem is wrapped around a memorable production that features twangy guitar licks seamlessly paired with steady drums, emotive piano chords and harmonies that create an overall warm, intimate atmosphere perfect for a reflective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Joel Stretch said, 
The title of this song references an Al Purdy poem called 'Transient' about travelling across Canada by train as an adolescent. The opening lines are about crossing the prairies “so close to the violent sway of the fields it’s like running and running naked with the summer in your mouth.” I borrowed that line as a starting point for this song. 'Summer in Your Mouth' ended up taking on themes I didn’t originally set out to write about–it turned into a song about seasonal depression and trying to make it through the long dark cold prairie winter. This song is an ode to summer that I wrote in the dead of winter.