Mainland Break Share New Single ‘One Way Ticket to Midnight’

Colorado-based band Mainland Break share their new single One Way Ticket to Midnight, a highly infectious piece of indie-pop music. 
Taken from their upcoming debut album, set to arrive in July, One Way Ticket to Midnight is an anthem and toast to the memories of friendship and a single night out that’s seared in the memory of a lost soul. The song tackles issues of anxiety, loss of connection and desperation, all feelings that are beautifully conveyed through the frantic, energetic production. I am really enjoying the passionate vocals and how they are backed by soaring guitars seamlessly paired with a killer bass and punchy drums that create an overall high-energy atmosphere that will resonate with listeners who are lost in past nostalgia and relationships. 

The accompanying music video, directed by Travis Rice, condenses the night that inspired the song into a single game of billiards. It shows Mainland Break surrounded by their friends and features a cameo by Andy Rauworth of Gauntlet Hair and cindygod. Check it out below!