MAD SNAX x misfit x Poylow Share New Single ‘Halo (I’ll Be There)’

Time to dance! Australian multi-talented songwriters, DJs and producers MAD SNAX team up with fellow German producer misfit and French producer Poylow to deliver a high-energy, festival-ready gem called Halo (I'll Be There). 
Written about wanting to help a friend that was struggling with their mental health and afraid to ask for help, Halo (I'll Be There) is an uplifting, feel-good Progressive House/EDm gem that aims to make sure one's friend knows they have so may people around them that love them and that are there through thick and thin. A beautiful message wrapped around a high-energy piece of electronic music with sweet, delicate vocals gliding beautifully over killer percussive elements and expansive synths that create an overall euphoric, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a fun summer. Check it out below!