Lyrah Shares New Single ‘Dream You Better’

San Francisco-based indie-pop singer, songwriter and producer Lyrah has just shared her brand new single Dream You Better, a dreamy piece of indie electronic music. 
I am a fan of Lyrah's super smooth, seductive vocals which beautifully infuse a dreamy, ethereal touch to the production. I am loving the contrast between her dreamy vocals and the killer beat which just makes the song stand out even more. A love song to San Francisco, Dream You Better finds Lyra reminiscing about the good moments when she lived in the city. This message is wrapped around a highly addictive electronic production that pairs a killer beat with lush, expansive synths which together create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a fun summer's day. 
Its accompanying visuals, directed by Henry Quirion, beautifully enhance the song's warmth and dreamy vibes and you can check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lyrah said, 
I’ll always think of the bridge disappearing into the fog and the top of Potrero Hill capturing the city lights with the stars. I was reminiscing on the cold nights of being out with friends, staying until last call, and taking in everything. Over the last few years, I watched so many friends move away and the city changed with it. And there’s something romantic about what it was. Walking through the city is now a vivid flashback of my past.