Luisa Siorou Shares New Single ‘Miss Me More’

German singer and songwriter Luisa Siorou has just shared her brand new single Miss Me More, a lovely pop ballad. 
A song about young love and falling deeply for someone, ultimately ending in heartbreak and loss of self, Miss Me More is beautifully conveyed through Siorou's smooth, floaty vocals and deeply personal songwriting which is backed by dreamy guitars and soaring melodies. This is a song many of us can relate to and shows that we're all going through something in our lives. Quite a memorable bittersweet pop ballad perfect for a laid-back, reflective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Luisa Siorou said,
'Miss Me More' is a song that comes straight from the heart. It’s about young love and falling for someone deeply which ultimately ended in heartbreak and loss of self-identity. I hope that people can connect with the emotions in the song and find comfort in knowing that we’re all going through different shades of the same emotions.