La Faute Shares New Single ‘Sorry I Can’t Stay’

La Faute, the moniker of Canadian visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Peggy Messing, shares her brand new single Sorry I Can't Stay, a melancholy-infused piece of folk/pop music. 
I am a fan of La Faute's vocals and here they sound incredibly haunting and packed with so much heart and emotion that is impossible not to get the feels while listening to this song. Sorry I Can't Stay is a song about someone gone too soon, about having friends and loved ones dying unexpectedly which makes one think about their own mortality. This is La Faute's way to honour her lost and current loved ones and I think many of us can relate to her heartfelt storytelling. Making this stand out even more is a haunting production that features warm atmospherics and a stunning, classical piano-based melody that effortlessly enhances the emotion and melancholia pouring from her vocals and honest storytelling. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the song, La Faute said, 
This is a song I imagined for loved ones, for children, from someone gone too soon. In the past few years, a few of my friends and loved ones have died unexpectedly, some leaving very young children behind. My mind can hardly even allow itself to think of this. I have a young child too, I lost my father as a teenager, I know it happens. While I was sick for a few years, thoughts of mortality and making every single day with my family count were at the forefront of my mind. I wanted to honour my lost and current loved ones as best I could with this song, and make a sincere message to the living, imagining what those leaving would have wanted to say, what I would want to say when the time comes.