La Faute Shares New Single ‘Let It Burn’

La Faute, the moniker of Canadian visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Peggy Messing, shares her brand new single Let It Burn, the latest single to be lifted from new album, Blue Girl Nice Day, which is out now! 
I am really enjoying her detached, quiet vocals and how they flow effortlessly over the polished production. Let It Burn is a song about letting got of the past and rise from the ashes, a relatable storytelling wrapped around roiling driving drums, killer guitar riffs and lush strings. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite ominous and is guaranteed to get your attention from the start. Accompanying the release, La Faute shares its official music video that uses a public domain film from 1963 heavily inspired by the famous Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho. Check it out below!



Speaking about the video, La Faute said, 
I used a public domain film from 1963, a low budget thriller that is basically a ripoff of Psycho. It’s shot beautifully. The female lead is mean and greedy and gets her bloody comeuppance in the film, but I’m so tired of that, so I rearranged her story. Maybe she’s up to no good, maybe she’s the last one standing, it doesn’t matter to me. In my version she makes it out alive.