Juliander Shares New Single ‘Strange’

Swedish pop artist Juliander has just shared his hauntingly beautiful new single Strange, the latest single to be taken from his new EP, Introspection, out today! 
I am loving his heartfelt, emotional vocal delivery which is both vulnerable and powerful at the same time, instantly making me feel each and every single word he is singing. Strange is a comforting, stripped-down pop ballad that finds the talented artist exploring the complex intricacies of love over a memorable piano-based production. Apart from his stunning vocals and lush piano keys, I am particularly fond of the subtle, warm atmospherics that enhance the song's warmth and intimate atmosphere. Have a listen to this gem of a ballad below!


 Speaking about Strange, Juliander said,

‘Strange’ initially had a bigger production. But I decided that its vulnerability was best portrayed by a more stripped-down version. This is the most naked song I've ever done. The soundscape is based around different resonances. It reflects a relationship, a continuous vibration that eventually dies out.