jake minch Shares Debut Single ‘handgun’

20-year-old Connecticut-born, singer-songwriter and introspective storyteller jake minch shares his debut single handgun, a heartfelt, guitar-based song out now via Mercury Records/Republic Records. 
What I like the most about this song is its intimate atmosphere and how the production allows for the listener's to fully focus on jake minch's smooth, expressive vocal delivery and storytelling abilities. handgun is a song that feels like a journal entry, addressing themes of growing up, sometimes jumping too far ahead and feeling the consequences of such actions. It's a song many college kids can relate to as it shines a light on the gap between being a kid and being an adult, about the change and how we start to feel the weight of growing up. 
I am really enjoying how effortless jake's storytelling is, seamlessly pairing his smooth vocals with lush acoustic guitar-based melodies that together create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for a reflective day. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the song, jake minch said, 
The song takes place right before ‘doing music’ was on my mind. It lives in the morning, waking up after my first big party-weekend at a new school. My head hurt too much to move, so I skipped my Econ class to lay with my thoughts and a bottle of pedialyte. I thought about how much I wanted to not feel as dirty as I did, and I thought about how disappointed the people I wanted to love would be. Handgun is a song about bridging the gap between being a kid and being an adult and it is partially the act of jumping too far ahead, but it is more importantly the whiplash that comes with the guilt I felt about changing. I wrote the song last April, with the intention of making a bad song, in an attempt to write music again after 2 videos grew my TikTok from 400 followers to 25 thousand in February. For so long, I was too scared to move. I wrote the song in an 8 minute stream-of-consciousness voice memo on my college dorm bed. A bed that had seen my first college hookup and my first night of drinking way too much and so many dab pen carts. With this being said, the song, to me, is really fun. It’s written about the little things - like a journal entry folded into the front pocket of my backpack, an old uconn newsletter about Sandy Hook, and seeing the same kid with a shitty bleach-job in all 4 of my classes. Things that I thought about in my 3 hour bed-ridden purgatory, things I forgot that I had forgotten were such vital thinking points until I went to write the song and it all spilled out. I never wanted to put this song out, I wrote it and spent 2 weeks lip-syncing it in the communal shower because it was catchy and fun. This is really cool though-that it’s now coming out. Enjoy.