GATTÜSO Shares New Single ‘Out Of My Mind’ ft. Jalja

NYC-based, Israeli DJ/producer GATTÜSO is back on Ultra Records with his new single Out Of My Mind, a dark blend of house and melodic techno featuring UK singer-songwriter Jalja. 
I am loving Jalja's sultry, soulful vocals which effortlessly infuse the song with a memorable dose of emotion and soul while also making the song perfect to sing along to while dancing. I am also enjoying the way her vocals glide over deep, driving basslines and emotive melodies that make Out Of My Mind an overall warm, emotive and dancefloor-friendly release. The song tells a story about tough times in finding a partner and going back to a close friend that understands you, a relatable message that will appeal to anyone who struggles with a bad relationship or is going through other personal hurdles. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite infectious and perfect for a late-night groove at an underground club, dancing your pain away. Have a listen to this weekend-ready anthem below!