Elliot Lee Shares New Single ‘Fun’

Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Elliot Lee have just shared their brand new single Fun, an upbeat indie/electro-pop song out now via Photo Finish Records. 
I am really enjoying the contrast between the upbeat production and lyrics which tackle the important issue of neurodivergence. I am really enjoying the tone of Elliot Lee's vocals which infuse the song with a dreamy touch while also making it perfect to sing along to. Backing their gorgeous vocals we have an upbeat production that blends nu-disco, pop and electro-pop elements, featuring lush synths, killer bass and infectious beat. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite upbeat, making it perfect for a fun weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Elliot Lee said, 
Fun is a song about neurodivergence masquerading as a song about wanting to be famous. In a way the two feelings share a very similar space in my chest, so I wanted to capture that overlap—and while fame and neurotypicality sound nice on the surface, I also know how much I'd lose if l ever achieved either.