Cate Tomlinson Shares New Single ‘Damage Control’

San Francisco-based singer, songwriter, and performing artist Cate Tomlinson has just shared her brand new single Damage Control, the second single to be lifted from her upcoming EP. 
I am loving how expressive and dynamic her vocal delivery is, packed with raw emotion and soul that effortlessly grabs the listener's attention from start to finish. Damage Control is an indie/pop-rock ballad about being burned out and doing your best to get back on your feet emotional and physically, to maintain your autonomy and sense of self. A very relatable song that is beautifully backed by memorable guitar lines seamlessly paired with subtle percussive elements and haunting harmonies that together create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about Damage Control, Cate said, 
I had a rough end to my 3rd year of college and I was really burned out. When I went home to California for the summer, I kind of went off the radar. I didn’t really see anyone, I stopped responding to people that weren’t my closest friends, and I was just spending time with my family and writing a lot. It took me a couple months to repair myself, and while I was doing that I wrote Damage Control. For me, it’s one of those songs that reminded me why I love songwriting so much. It fulfilled me in a way that no friend or relationship or material thing could have at the time. It acknowledges a shitty experience but the point is that I’m gonna bounce back. So it’s not a pity song. Haha.