Cash Cash Share New Single ‘Bleach (Move On)’

Following the success of their January release - Anyway, featuring RuthAnne - Platinum trio Cash Cash are back with their brand new single Bleach (Move On), a deeply personal yet hopeful electro-pop song. 
Out now via Ultra Records, Bleach (Move On) is an inspiring dance/pop crossover that addresses mental health issues and features Jean Paul for the first time on vocal duties. The song is a unique fusion of emo-alt and electronic dance music that features JP's angsty, soulful vocals belting out lyrics about mental health struggles, soaring effortlessly over infectious melodies. I am really enjoying the blend of alt-pop elements and their signature progressive style, pairing lush guitar riffs, steady drum patterns and energetic synths and electronics which makes the song stand out even more. Have a listen to this heartfelt gem below!



Speaking about the song, Cash Cash said,
'Your problems are like holding a glass of water; it's easy if you only hold on to it for a little as your arm is barely affected. If you hold on to it all day and night, your arm will eventually become very sore, throbbing, and numb, barely able to hold the glass.' The creation of 'Bleach (move on)' was realizing that and finally learning to put the fucking glass down and to literally move on. Calling the last few years a challenge would be an understatement. Many of us found ourselves either running away or chasing something, or just lost in the shuffle. If you're not one of those people, then God Bless as you're one of the few lucky ones. For the rest of us emo kids, sanity is something we're constantly chasing, and mental health is something we're always running from. It takes addressing it face to face to improve it, and only after that does sanity become attainable. Writing 'Bleach (move on)' was our way of addressing it; continuing to hear it is our reminder and therapy, and hopefully, playing it for all of you will be yours.