Belot Shares New Single ‘Get This’

Awkward pop pioneer Belot is back with her cheeky new offering Get This. 
Out now via Submarine Cat Records, Get This finds the talented artist continuing her pursuit of rich and immersive pop textures. I am really enjoying how confident her vocal delivery is, gliding effortlessly over the bold and bouncing electronic production. 
Co-written alongside Dirty Hit up-and-comer Oscar Lang, the pair looks to add a vibrant and explosive element to Belot’s already infectious sound here. Get This is a song about having someone that broke your heart resurface in your life right after you've managed to move on. You're now in a place when it's too late to get back and you don't want to have them back in your life. A relatable message wrapped around an infectious, bold alt/electro-pop production with punchy beat and rhythms that together create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Adding about the new track, she said, 
'Get This; is about when you’ve had your heart broken and just as you’re starting to function normally again, the person who broke said heart starts to resurface. However it’s too late and you’ve in fact come so far in the stages of grief, you want them to sit on a cactus. I wrote this song with one of my best friends at his house. We made a trashy demo to start but as I listened to it rather than drunk on the way home, I knew we were onto something. I’d hope it’s not a feeling everyone has had, but I know that most of us at some point have wanted an ex to sit on a cactus.