Aryeè The Gem Shares New Single ‘To It’

Multi-faceted Atlanta-based singer, songwriter, and vocal producer Aryeè The Gem has just shared her brand new single To It, an exquisite R&B jam produced by Trakmatik.
The first single to be lifted from Aryeè The Gem’s upcoming debut solo EP, which is set to be released this summer via independent label Saint & Citizen Music, To It is a relatable song about the struggles that come with moving on, growing and healing, acknowledging the actual work within it. This honest storytelling is beautifully delivered through Aryeè The Gem's rich, soulful vocals which soar effortlessly over an infectious R&B production that features a killer beat seamlessly intertwined with subtle bass guitar & drums that together create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a reflective, laid-back day. Speaking about the inspiration behind To It, Aryeè The Gem says,
This song was inspired by one of my character flaws, which is overthinking. There have been periods in my life where things have been difficult, and I was immersed in the feeling of the unknown. In those times, I learned who I really was through my ability to face those problems and work through them, instead of masking them with things that would provide temporary relief. Ultimately, I wanted to shine a light on those emotions that aren’t necessarily deemed as ‘positive’ and emphasize that those feelings are equally as important. My intention for writing this song was to give a voice to the discomfort of transition. Growing and healing is not easy, and is sometimes glorified without acknowledging the actual work within it. Instead of wallowing in my shadow, I’m allowing myself to alchemize some of my ‘lower vibrational’ feelings in a way that honor and respect them, while simultaneously pushing past them to elevate - If the only constant thing we have in life is change, then we all must keep getting to it.

Accompanying the release, Aryeè The Gem shares its captivating music video, directed by Los Angeles-based cinematography duo MOM (Alicia Keys, Krewella, Adekunle Gold). The visuals utilize a conceptual symbolism of Aryeè’s self-reflection and freedom to create a refined visual aesthetic that does excellently to illustrate Aryeè’s assertive and powerful nature as she navigates through life. As Aryeè puts it,
the video represents freedom, hope, and experiencing that place where the weights of life feel lifted from my shoulders.