Agnes Hustler Shares New Single ‘Saints’

Stockholm-based independent singer and songwriter Agnes Hustler has just shared her brand new single Saints, an inspirational electro-pop song. 
What I like the most about this song is its infectious driving beat and how confident and passionate Agnes Hustler's vocal delivery is. Taken from her upcoming debut album Agnes Dei, set for release on June 2nd, Saints finds the talented artist crafting a sliece of pop-perfection. Inspired by the virgin martyr Saint Agnes and the LGBTQI community, the track is currently in the running to become West Pride's Official Pride Song. Saints is Agnes Hustler's way to celebrate LGBTQI queens and kings out there through a high-energy, danceable piece of music perfect to get everybody in a good in no time. Apart from the memorable driving beat and her lush vocals, I am particularly fond of the punchy drums, soaring guitars and expansive synths that come together to create a powerful, inspirational piece of music. 
Speaking of the track, Agnes says,
Producer/songwriter Nadia Hjelt and I met for the first time in a studio and we wrote and produced the song together. I told her about my holy vision for the album and my inspirations from Saint Agnes and Agnus Dei and the lyrics just came like pouring water. I wanted to write a song that interlaces the duality of being a queer, sexual, feminine being and a virgin maryr - a saint. ‘Saints’ is a celebration song for the LGBTQI queens and kings out there. I might die one day. But hopefully music and my message wont. Til’ then, come sing, dance and celebrate the diverse people that is humanity with me.

Accompanying the release, Agnes shares its dazzling music video, co-directed by Agnes and Wilma Sjögren, that showcases Agnes's prowess as a multi-faceted artist, creative director, entrepreneur and activist at a whole new level. Check it out below!