Afta Hill Shares New Single ‘RANGE’

Iranian-Canadian artist Afta Hill has just shared his brand new single RANGE, an infectious Rap/Alternative Hip-Hop gem taken from his upcoming nothing NOTHING album set to arrive on June 9th! 
I am really enjoying the confident and effortless rap flow which glides beautifully over the thumping rhythms. The verses were inspired by real life experiences with a young woman Afta met while performing and recording music in Los Angeles, who ended up showing him around the city. The song oozes chill, feel-good vibes and is perfect for a long drive and/or laid-back moments. This track is accompanied by a comedic music video led by a comedic performance from actor Navid Agha, and humourously trivializes the idea of shooting the typical visuals with expensive cars and beautiful women. Check it out below!