The Pairs Share New Single ‘Easier To Leave’

Canadian band The Pairs have just shared their brand new single Easier To Leave, a captivating folk/pop song inspired by all the challenges that are inevitably faced within long term relationships. 
What I like the most about the song is its organic instrumentation and rich, expressive vocals which effortlessly convey the emotion of their relatable storytelling. This is a song written in response to the many fears and anxieties that trickle into day-to-day interactions, causing inevitable arguments that seem to have no rational foundation. It’s a song about those moments when all of our kind, compassionate communication skills fly out the window and we adopt a more self protective, argumentative stance. 
Backing this relatable storytelling and gorgeous vocals we have a blend of acoustic and electric guitar strums beautifully paired with lush piano keys and energetic drums that together create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a reflective day outside. Check it out below!