TAAVO Shares New Single ‘Light Comes Up’ ft. Mabelle

Czech music producer TAAVO has just shared his brand new single Light Comes Up, the title track of his sixth original EP set to arrive on June 2nd! 
This EP beautifully showcases TAAVO's signature style of organic sounds mixed with deep and melodic electronic elements with its title track being a good example of his artistry. I am really enjoying the groovy rhythms and killer beat that contrast with Mabelle's delicate, ethereal-like vocals which instantly infuse the song with a captivating dose of soul and emotion. Joining the killer beat we have a memorable driving beat and lush, expansive synths that together create an overall airy, feel-good atmosphere perfect to be the soundtrack of good holiday moments during the summer. Definitely one of those songs I'll be playing on repeat. Check it out below!