sadboi Shares Debut Single ‘Cover You In Chocolate’

American singer and songwriter sadboi makes his official music introduction with the release of his debut single Cover You In Chocolate, an upbeat pop love song. 
I am really enjoying his soft and tender tone which glides beautifully over the captivating production. I am particularly fond of his dynamic delivery and how his vocals effortlessly convey the emotion of his relatable storytelling. Cover You In Chocolate is a song about long-distance relationships and how they don't get any easier with time. It's a song that tried to bridge the distance between and covering it in chocolate, as it is something sadboi really loves. It's a sweet pop song with delicate vocals backed by intricate guitar riffs seamlessly intertwined with steady drums, subtle piano keys and groovy rhythms that together create an overall upbeat, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!