Roos Meijer Shares New Single ‘Brother’

Dutch singer and songwriter Roos Meijer has just shared her brand new single Brother, a haunting piece of indie-folk music about one's journey of grief. 
Out now via Buzz, Brother tells the real story of a 12-year old Syrian boy whose mother gives birth to a stillborn baby. The song follows his journey of grief, and the love this boy feels for the little brother he never got to meet. Roos Meijer's rich, evocative vocals are simply stunning and beautifully set the tone for an emotional listening experience. Apart from her powerful vocals we are gifted with a polished production that pairs moody folk elements with orchestral elements by the Symphony Orchestra of The Hague. I am particularly fond of the lush strings and guitar strums and how the song has a touch of melancholia that makes it perfect for a reflective day home alone. Check it out below!